Cleaning Your Football Boots

No matter how careful you are it is bound to happen, it not easy to avoid getting your shoes dirty usually any sport involves rough encounter in the field that renders your shoes at the end of matches. So, if it happened that you searching on the internet for means of cleaning your soccer boots, you are likely to find a number of solutions but all amount to one simple answer- to thoroughly wash your football cleats as soon as possible after every match or once they get dirty.

Cleaning and ensuring that your sport boots are their proper working condition is not only a good habit to engage in, it helps you save a bit of extra cash you will use in purchasing different pairs. Truth be told no has enough cash to dish out for a new pair of soccer boots that may be a result of recklessness or rather not being keen enough in taking care of the pairs bought before.

Below we have put together cleaning guide to show you how exactly to go about cleaning your sport shoes. If you take the right step and do the cleaning in the right way then the boots will last longer saving you a lot of money.

The first thing to do, after you have come back home loosen the boots and take them off your feet. You can beat them together to remove the mud underneath or use a stiff brush to brush off the mud from the sides and underneath the shoes. After you are done removing the mud, place the shoelaces in a washing machine or clean them on your own if you can’t do it through the means of a machine.

Next get a damp cloth and soak it in lukewarm water, squeeze the cloth and rub it on the shoe surface to remove the extra mud remaining on the shoes. Some mud particles may get stuck in tiny grooves let that not worry you, you can use a used toothbrush to get them off. For synthetic made shoe some of them may be machine washable you can refer to the user manual to ascertain this otherwise don’t do it if you are not sure.

No matter the type of cleaning always dry your soccer boots the natural way. You can get an old newspaper scrunch it then stuff it inside the shoes to help keep them in shape the paper will also help the cleats dry faster since they absorb extra water. After staffing the inside of the shoes place them in a safe, dry place to dry quickly.

After the shoes are dry use grease or Vaseline to put into place the studs. It will not make the whole process easy but also prevent the stud from rusting if they are made from metal. Polish the upper part of the shoes on a regular basis to keep their colour and keep them safe from water if they are made from leather. Lastly, remember to use either vinegar or baking soda in your washing to beat any shoe smells.